Voicera: In-Meeting Artificial Intelligence Assistant

by    Newsblog   Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Voicera (formerly Workfit) is the creator of Eva, an intelligent voice facilitator to make meetings more productive.

Are you tired of taking notes in meetings? Put down your pen and paper and let Eva do it for you!

Voicera has created Eva to connect your meetings to the rest of your day.  You simply add eva@voicera.com to any meeting invite and Eva will dial in, announce itself and start taking notes. You can highlight moments with voice commands and taps in a web dashboard or you can rely on Eva to do all the note-taking for you.

After your meeting, you get a recap email with highlights and analytics and a link to view and edit the highlights of your meeting. You also get a full recording and transcript of the meeting and all of this can be shared via email, pushed to Slack or connected into Salesforce. With Voicera your meetings become Activated!

Startup Features:

  • Virtual in-meeting assistant to take notes and organize follow up
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Collaboration In The Workplace

Beta User Benefits:

  • Voicera is free to our beta users from now until April, with opportunities for discounts after April

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