The importance of quality content for SEO

by    Newsblog   Saturday, March 10th, 2018

The world of SEO and content marketing are constantly evolving and it is getting increasingly difficult for the optimizers and the website owners to keep up with the changes. Most business owners feel that no matter how much time they invest behind shaping relevant content, it is not getting enough search visibility, at least what it deserves. Two of the newest terms which you might hear are “proof” and “relevant” terms.

According to Ranking Factors Report, there was a research done to check the factors which play a role in ranking, especially in Google. The research revealed that relevant and proof terms were 2 of the integral factors.

Research says: The top ranking pages have 54% proportion of relevant terms

Relevant keywords are those which clearly imply to Google that you’re offering comprehensive coverage over a topic. If you’re writing an article on iPhone, you would naturally use certain words like apps, technology and iOS in your post. So, using the right words essentially shows Google that you’re offering a considerable depth of information in relation to the main theme.

Tips to find relevant and proof terms in your content

  1. Utilize keyword tools: You can use related keywords as synonyms and variations or you can also use phrases which are used commonly along with the primary keyword. By using any keyword tool, you can locate the related terms but you can definitely start off with Google’s Keyword Planner. Surf through the keyword ideas tab so that you can get ideas of related terms.
  2. Use the feature “Searches related to”: If you wish to know the words and phrases which according to Google are related to your primary keyword, this would be a great strategy. You just have to use your keyword in some search query and then gradually scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Searches related to” results.
  3. Know the words used by top-ranking pages: You are already aware that the high ranking pages have a high proportion of proof and relevant terms. Identify the top-ranked pages for your specific keyword and then check the phrases and words which are being used. You can use Keyword Density Analyzer.

By now you must have understood that there’s no single way of finding relevant terms. However, you can use the keyword tools to know which top phrases and keywords to use in your content.

The phrase “content is king” is a classic quote that still rings true today. Content can affect all aspects of our lives whether we are blue-collar workers, homemakers, or full-fledged business owners. Content is the meat and potatoes of the text-based material that people see when they research a business.

People often use the terms content and content marketing when they are discussing strategies to catapult one’s business into a successful position. The reason that content is king is that it has the power to control various aspects of a company’s profile and influence its performance and consumer engagement numbers. Only a true king could have that much power.

Content can change so many facets of business that people should view it as a royal item. High-quality content can add an element of authenticity to a business website or an individual. It can entice Internet surfers to visit a page. Content can also produce sales and conversions as well as generate new links and leads.That’s not all that the right content can do, however. It can create loyal customers and referrals. Therefore, it is important that every company that engages in using content as the main strategy for its company is aware of its quality and ensures that it only publishes the best.

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Who Is the Queen?

If content is king, then who is the queen?

Marketing, of course. Think of marketing efforts and strategies as red carpeting rolling. Marketing experts know how to lay out innovative tools and techniques that enhance “the king’s” prestige and leave the people in breathless awe. Content and marketing go together like husband and wife. They can survive on their own, but together they are an unstoppable force.

Content Marketing Tools

The most common tools that people use for content marketing are blogs, infographics, ebooks, and more. Businesses position these documents in a way that touches the target audience on an emotional level rather than a generic and overbearingly salesy fashion.

Content works offer valid information, statistical data, personal accounts, and enough humor to entertain, educate and edify the prospective and existing customers. Effective content speaks directly to the readers and invites them into a trusting relationship with a service or product provider. A website’s content acts a liaison between the clients and the company.

How Content Marketing Works

Content marketing can have an almost viral effect when someone does it right. The term “right” can mean that:

  • The keywords have scarce-but-strategic placement.
  • The content is engaging.
  • The data is accurate.
  • The page provokes thoughts and feelings.

The last paragraphs of the content should also lead to an action or reaction from the reader. Content creation isn’t a one-size-fits-all task that anybody can do. It may seem easy, but it isn’t. Therefore, businesses should consider putting forth a significant investment to ensure that they receive content that can assist. Sometimes, business owners must make some sacrifices so that their companies can flourish in the end. Using a well-established content provider is the key to meeting the king.

Quality vs. Quantity

There used to be a time when quality ruled the content marketing world. Businesses were only concerned with using content that stuffed keywords into the text to attract web crawlers. These articles would act as a slab of meat in a pool full of piranha. The websites that threw the most “meat” in the pool would receive the most “bites” from the piranha.

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What webmasters didn’t realize was that Google was watching everything. Google noticed that businesses were using poor-quality material and black-hat practices to increase traffic even if the traffic had nothing to do with their products and services. Google changed the algorithm in response to such manipulation. Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird are updates that all but eliminate pages that contain keyword stuffing and other such practices.

Content marketing can still be fruitful, but the documents must contain useful information. Visitors should be able to leave an article or blog with a piece of data that they didn’t have before and a desire to seek additional information, goods, or services from the suggested sources. Quantity has little to no bearing on page rank anymore. Quality still works, but copywriters must learn new tactics so that they can survive in a world where the requirements and standards continue to increase.

Getting High-Quality Content

The best way for a business owner to find articles and material that will serve the intended purpose is to seek content from locations that host high-star writers. Clients can rate writers based on the quality of their content. Once you find a content marketing service that works well for you, you can sit back and watch your business grow.

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