Storm up: Update your website instantly, no code needed

by    Newsblog   Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Storm-up is a plug and play platform for updating any website. It goes with any HTML and the setup is exactly like Google Analytics, you just have to copy and paste a 1-liner script and you’re good to go. No matter what technology or back-end used to build it, the setup is the same.

Say that you’ve paid someone to build your website for you in plain HTML and now you have to make changes on it to put new photos you’ve taken or new features you’ve built in the meantime. Plug Storm-up to easily update it without asking anyone else! Update content, auto-translate your website to any language and track leads on any static website.

Top features: 

– Update content right on your website;
– 1-minute setup;
– Auto-translate your website to any language;
– Technology agnostic;
– No server/database required;
– Connect external APIs into lists;

Go to Storm up  website and play around with the demo. 

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