Shuuka: Use one Nickname for all your social networks

by    Newsblog   Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

We have a social network chaos which makes it impossible for your followers to learn each one of them. By making a list of all your social networks in an easy way shuuka managed to solve this problem.

Shuuka helps you to carry the day to day with just a nickname, you can log in your social networks with a nickname and you will not have to list all your accounts, shuuka do that for you.

Shuuka – Use one Nickname for all your social networks.

The use of Shuuka is simple. All you have to do is choose a nickname, a password and through your mail you confirm your account in Shuuka. So shuuka only share one link like this so that the person has access to all accounts added. Each user can add an unlimited amount of accounts.

For people who find the link very long there is a fairly simple solution, every link in the profile or social network you add has its own abbreviated link.networks

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