Signature on popular forum


Signature on popular forum
Selling my forum signature here.

Profile Stats:
I currently have over 4300 posts.
I make over 100 posts per week.
I'm one of the most active members there.
I'm an Administrator there.

Site Stats:
Over 28,400 members and 1.5 million posts.
One of the biggest and active forums in the world.

Purchase is good for a spot in the signature unless purchasing an "extra".
Purchase is for a text link only. No images unless purchasing an "extra".
Offer is good for one(1) week unless purchasing an "extra". 1 free week for every month you purchase!
I will enable my signature in all of my past posts after every purchase.
25 character anchor limit.
I accept only 1 image at a time. All other images will be put into a queue or order will be refunded.
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Signature on popular forum

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