In Our Ultra YouTube Promotion Service we will Share and Promote Your YouTube Video to the Biggest Social Media and Social Bookmarking Sites!

Hello all video marketers and vloggers. As you may know, I have been providing video marketing services on here for a while now and they have many great reviews and recommendations from my past clients and users. Some of my most popular Video promotion services include my All in One YouTube Video+Channel Promotion Service and my Ultimate YouTube Video Promotion Service.

However in this service, I have combined the best of both services, blended them together, added some sauce for a kick and upgraded it to provide one awesome service!

This is my Ultimate YouTube Video Promotion Service...

And this works guaranteed!

I know it, because I've been doing it on my own videos. My clients know it because they're happy with the work and results. And now you can know what it's like to use a REAL YouTube video promotion service!

Ultra YouTube Video Promotion Service - How it works!

It just works! That's because of two things. How we go about it and where we go about it. We post to the biggest Social Media sites in groups, communities and channels that have the most amount of users. Some of these groups and communities that we post to have many millions of users collectively. They are the Internet's biggest music or video sharing related groups have close to a million users each!

And it doesn't just stop with music/video related groups. We also promote your videos on the BIGGEST of free advertising groups and places too. Some of these have millions of users but collectively when you add up all the users in all the groups we post to you're looking at around 50,000,000 pairs of eyes seeing your video. That's no hype that's real numbers!

We actively search out and post to pages and communities that in YOUR niche! And we'll post in such a way that the admin will like the post themselves as will all that Pages fans that see it no doubt. As your site/message is related to what their Page is about, Page posts have a high stick rate so your posts last forever!

Also remember, a lot of the places we post to are publicly viewable and indexed by Google these will count as social signals, backlinks, bookmarks for the Pages that are increasing your videos authority/rank.

So all you need to know, is that we'll create you a massive big dose of post on the Internet's biggest video groups and communities and many other video sharing groups. And we'll create you a she load of posts on Pages and communities that are also related to your niche in a way that they'll stick forever.

Google+ Promotion
It's the same with Google+ Communities (Google's version of groups). There are some very big Google+ YouTube and Video related communities that have many thousands and thousands of users. We'll not only promote your video on those but also actively search out and post to Google+ Communities that are RELATED to your video/niche. This provides you much more lazor targeted subscribers, visitors etc that your video gets you. Means they're much more likely to convert.

We'll create you around 20-25 Google+ community submission backlinks to different communities. About 25% of which will be related to your niche as there's usually a community for everything!

Pinterest Promotion
We have some very popular Pinterest accounts and are members of some very very BIG Pinterest boards. We have many different types of boards that have literally millions of users around the world that will see that pin on that board or their Pinterest homepage. Because our boards are so varied, we'll possibly have boards that are related to your video. We also have quite a few general related boards that allow us to pin virtually anything like videos and these have many millions of users. When we add up all the board and all the users. You're looking at around 500 board with around 10,000,000 users collectively.

We will "pin" your video to around 10 big Pinterest boards which is guaranteed to get you views and of course subscribers/visitors depending on how appealing the video and description is by sheer volume of users.

Social Media Promotion

Because its natural that a popular video would be shared across the whole spectrum of social media and social bookmarking sites. We'll submit and add your video to many of the Internet's biggest social bookmarking sites. This will come from a mix of very old accounts and new accounts on the top 20 social bookmarking sites on the Internet where all the most people are today.

Think of sites like Reddit, Myspace, StumbleUpon, Diigo, Scoop, Delicious etc etc. We'll create you around 20 different social bookmarking site backlinks for your video many of which will be dofollow and thusly improve the ranking of your video overtime.

Absolutely 100% Real Ethical Powerful Whitehat YouTube Video + Channel Promotion That You Can Depend on Time and Time Again..

Forget buying views and taking part in shady things! You can't buy real video views from people not interested in your video as people don't view it unless they're interested and looking for it in the first place.

If your video is just sitting there virtually dormant and it's a ghost town!
If your views/subscribers count is not going up fast enough on its own.
If you've been let down by sellers in the past that have promised empty things.
If you want to experience a real service giving you something to actually show for your money.
If you're ready to be treated like pure gold by a professional Level 3 seller and SMM expert.
And you're ready to take your video to the next level and see some real results.

Then you need my Ultra YouTube Video Promotion Service!

No video does unwell after our work!

Even the most boring, most mundane, badly edited videos get something out of our promotion. We don't just take a whack and go approach. We provide a custom tailored experience and carefully come up with the best call-to-actions and use emotional words to play on the viewers emotions to entice them into clicking, watching and subscribing to you if that's what you want.

Just look at a typical before and after using my other standard service.

We will GUARANTEE you more VIEWS, LIKES & SUBSCRIBERS or give you your money back! - Your Satisfaction and Success is Our Priority!

We offer a full 100% guaranteed money back refund guarantee. Guaranteed!

- If we don't do the work for you within the time frame specified or provide all the advertised promotional posts when we deliver you can ask for a refund no questions asked.
- If we don't get you more views, likes and subscribers for your video or channel, you can ask for a full refund.
- Just give us your YouTube Video URL and a message to go with it and we'll do the magic for you!
- Within 12-24 hours of ordering, you will notice your views count going up, your likes count going up and your subscribers count going up up up!

We work hard and we get results. We don't stop until we do!

What You Will Get in Our Service
  • Promote your video to 150 of the biggest YouTube Groups
  • Promote your video to 20+ pages and communities related to your niche
  • Promote your video on 25+ Google+ Communities about Video niche
  • Promote your video on big Pinterest boards some related to your niche
  • Promote your video on the biggest Social Bookmarking sites up to 20+
  • Guarantee you more real video views and watches by real people
  • Guarantee you get more real video Likes by people who've watched
  • Guarantee you will get NEW real subscribers for your channel
  • Guarantee you will get real video comments/feedback

Obviously we can't say exactly how many views/likes/subscribers or comments etc that you will get. But like said, no video comes away from this with nothing. I've done some terribly boring videos in the past on things I can't even get my head around that I haven't been able to promote properly because there is no way of explaining what it is. Even those videos got a few hundred views out of it.

But what I can tell you is that from experience, the videos that do best from this service are any music or gaming related videos. Those always do really well so if you're a YouTube video gamer get in touch we can really help you. And if you're a musician, director or up and coming artist, we can help you too. No matter what the video, we can find people that are interested to watch it!

Benefits to Using My Ultra YouTube Video Promotion Service
  • Over 50 million members will see your video in their timeline.
  • Over 50 million people will get notification about it to their email inbox.
  • Create over 150 biggest YouTube group posts that will last forever.
  • Create over 20 powerful Community Page posts that will last forever.
  • Create over 25 powerful Google+ Community posts that will last forever.
  • Create over 10 powerful Pinterest pins on very big Pinterest boards.
  • Create over 20 powerful Social Media Bookmarks that will last forever.And of course....
  • All work manually carried out by professionals and myself by hand no bots/tools used.
  • Cheap and affordable, reliable quality video promotion and advertising service.
  • 100% safe and natural white hat work that can only have a positive effect.
  • Excellent service by and excellent seller what else do you need to know!?


What Country Are The Groups Mostly in?
Most of the groups and pages that we post to are US based groups. About 70% US, 20% UK and rest Worldwide European countries. We can post to Groups/Pages in any language you want us to.
How Many Views/Likes or Subscribers Will I Get?
From a few hundred to hundreds of thousands to millions. Honestly we can't say as it all depends on your video and if its appealing to the users/fans. If your post that is shared to the groups is appealing it can go viral for a long time, get likes, comments etc for years to come. Also posting once isn't as beneficial as posting several times which is why we offer extras in this service!
Do These Posts Show As Social Signals?
Yes they show up in Analytics as part of your Social Presence and as Shares/Likes and Comment social signals for any shares/likes & comments the posts get. Increase your YouTube video rank!
What is Allowed and Accepted and what is Not?
Any video that is safe-for-work. Most things accepted in any niche/genre. Contact us first if you're unsure and we'll let you know and advise you.
How Long Does it Take to Complete the Work?
The group posts are usually all done in a couple of days. Please give us a few days to get back to you with a report. We include all the posts permalink urls.
How Many videos / description / image Can I Use/Have Posted?
We accept 1 Youtube video URL and you can use a large descriptions or a short one. You can provide your own message to post or we can make one for you. Any video URL can be used, YouTube, Vimeo, videos etc.

What We Require
Your Video URL:. Your YouTube video link.
Description: Optionally provide a description to use. Tell us something about the video when ordering! Give us something to go on if there is not much to go on. We can come up with a message for you if you want and often mix the promotion up with using different descriptions/messages etc we don't just post the same thing over and over!

Price for this service: Just $25!

Discount codes available for my recent/previous clients!
If you've used one of my similar service before, message me first letting me know you want to order this one and I'll give you a discount code! I also give discount code to all buyer that use my service twice. On 2nd purchase you get 10% discount code. On subsequent purchases I give 20% discount code. I'm a generous guy but it just means the more times you order, the cheaper it gets for you!

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Let's Get You Noticed!
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