Do you know the feeling…….. You did everything you could….. You created a nice website and bought a number of backlinks….. …. Each day you check-in on Google to see if your site got ranked or, once you are inside Google, if there has been any improvement at all in your page ranking.

This is a nerve wrecking time and you wonder if you made the right decisions in buying certain services to improve your presence on the web….
How it often goes, is that your site has not been seen yet by Google or that your backlinks have not yet been crawled and implemented in Google’s complex algorithm that determines the placing of your site and services.
This process can take up several months, depending on various factors.
Bu there is something you can do about it. Getting your site and backlinks indexed. That means that you don’t have to wait until Google arrives at those places but that your site and backlinks are being brought under Google’s attention.

Having a site and several hundreds of backlinks without being indexed is like driving a car with the handbrake still on…… It does not really help you to move forward. All that stress is not worth the hassle. It is your job to provide the services to your clients. It is our job to make sure that they can find you.
We are a professionally level 3 SEO service here on SEOclerk. We build backlinks, provide blog posts and use other Google-safe techniques to ensure your placing in Google’s ranking. We have a proven track-record to take care of your interests in the best possible and professional way.

With this gig we offer you the indexing of your website (if not done yet) and your backlinks in a way that is approved by Google, so that it won’t give you any problems.

We do this is a very natural looking way. We spread the 1000-link offer over a period of 30 days and we will provide you with a report about what we have done for you. It is also possible to do it faster, but, again, it has to look natural……..
This gig only costs you $5.00 to get your site and 1000 backlinks fully indexed by Google.

Optional, but recommended extras are:
1. I will index up to more 2000 (back-)links in Google for $5
2. I will index up to more 5000 (back-)links in Google for $10
3. I will index up to more 10,000 (back-)links in Google for $15

Please, also check out our link-building services that can help you in a tremendous way to achieve the results you are looking for.
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