RiteKit: Hashtag Strategy and Total Social Media Optimization

by    Newsblog   Sunday, March 18th, 2018

It’s harder now to get heard on social media – Rise above the noise with the premier social media toolkit.

RiteForge Social Media Enhance: Works inside Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Buffer and Sendible apps.

Just the essence of each product is demonstrated, but enough to know which to try. RiteTag, RiteForge, Rite.ly and RitePush swhich is now RiteBoost) and all explained.


This is a browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox that gives you a simple color-graded indication of whether your hashtag is likely to help get your Tweet or post seen, based on current engagement. And it’s just $49/year after a 7-day trial. With the extension installed, you get color-grading of your hashtags as you type them anywhere on the web. Type two or more to compare on six data points.

Save TagSets, and use them in RiteForge and RitePush. Set Trend Alerts to get an email or learn on the RiteTag site when hashtags rise or fall in engagement.


The browser extension provides a one-button social fix: two relevant and reaching hashtags, and when possible, an image, too. That’s Enhance. There is also “Manually enhance,” which provides the full toolkit — millions of free to use images, animations, influencer-tagging, emoji from a customizable emoji bar, and of course, hashtag analytics and hashtag suggestions — based on those getting current engagement rather than those that are “trending.” After all, it’s all about what you can expect to get for your trouble, rather than trending: which hashtags are going out in many Tweets right now. You can also use Rite.ly with Auto-Enhance and get your CTA baked into the URLs of pages you share in posts from RiteForge.

Enjoy RiteForge in the websites and browser extensions of Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible, Facebook, Tweetdeck, Twitter, , and in many sites via the browser extension (Chrome/Firefox/Safari). The extension is fully customizable, so you can add/remove tools that you get in “Manually Enhance,” or change your social posting scheduler at any time.


This is the URL shortener with lots of analytics and a highly customizable appearance. Video CTAs, popups, or place the CTA in any of three locations on the pages you share in posts to social profiles.


RiteBoost Bulk Creator does all of the RiteBoost browser extension, but in a dashboard that lets you pull in many types of content from any of many integrations, load up to 100 posts at a time, Enhance any/all of them, and schedule days or even weeks of top-quality, image, emoji and hashtag-enhanced posts, with or without your own or clients’ CTAs, and do this in just minutes. A must for social media managers.

The RiteBoost browser extension provides a one-button social fix: two relevant and reaching hashtags, and when possible, an image, too. That’s Enhance. There is also a pull-down arrow beside the Enhance wand button in sites like Buffer and Twitter, to modify what Enhance does. In sites where you do not see the Enhance wand button under their social publishing field, right-click for Enhance in your mouse options.

You can also use Rite.ly with Enhance and get your CTA baked into the URLs of pages you share in posts from RiteBoost.

Rite.ly is the URL shortener with lots of analytic and a highly

All products offer free, no-credit-card 7-day trials.

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